Privacy Policy

Privacy & Confidentiality

The relationship between a client and a Registered Psychotherapist is protected by law, and information about you is never disclosed to anyone without your written permission . What you say i n your sessions is kept in strict confidence and is never shared with anyone. My counselling schedule is private and confidential and your identity and privacy are diligently protected.

You need to know, however, there are specific legal exceptions to confidentiality. The law requires that the appropriate persons or authorities be notified in the following situations:

  • Threats of violence to harm self or someone else . If a person indicates they intend to harm him/herself or harm someone else, the law requires steps be taken to prevent harm. In such cases, every effort is made to enlist the person's cooperation to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If they do not cooperate and continue to be a danger to themselves and/or others, the appropriate community resources are consulted to ensure safety.
  • Suspected child abuse or neglect. If information is shared during therapy that a child may be in danger, whether through abuse or neglect, the law requires the appropriate authorities be contacted to ensure children's safety.
  • Compliance with a subpoena issued by a court of law . In very rare circumstances, a court may request information from a person's counselling file. Complying with a court order or subpoena can put limitations on confidentiality.

In order to properly serve your needs, a confidential file is maintained in your name. This file contains your contact and administrative information, a description of the services provided to you, and my personal notes pertaining to your treatment plan and care.

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